La Vagabonde and Greta Thunberg now less than 1,000 nm from Lisbon

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The sailing yacht La Vagabonde carrying Greta Thunberg and her new friends have now less than 1,000 nm* to go “as the crow flies” to reach Lisbon, Portugal en-route to the UN COP25 in Madrid. Sailing at 180 to 200 nm per day, they could arrive in 5 to 6 days.
* (1 nautical mile = 1.15 miles or 1.85km)

Unfortunately with sailing boats it isn’t that simple. Bad weather – too strong or too little wind could mean that they have to sail a longer route. Also, it will be very interesting to see what happens if they are becalmed for a long period as they get closer to shore. Most sailors would use the engine if they were at the end of a long passage and had ample diesel left. However, I strongly suspect that the crew of La Vagabonde will not start the engines, even if that means Greta missing the conference. They will have to use the engines for a few minutes to get into the port or marina – purely for safety reasons as space is very tight.

You can track Greta’s progress and ETA using my very hastily developed app above or via the direct link.

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