Greta Thunberg La Vagabonde Tracker Updated

Explanatory Pop-ups

Only around one week to go until our intrepid ocean explorers make landfall in Europe – presumably Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve updated the tracker and voyage analysis app with some extra features.

The main improvement is adding explanatory pop-ups throughout the app. I was in hurry to complete it and get it out yesterday, because the app has no use at all after Greta arrives in Portugal. But I was conscious of the large number non-sailors following the Atlantic crossing, who probably are not aware of nautical terms like SOG, COG etc. Also, for the sailors following the voyage, there are many ways to show speed and distance in sailing. So, I’ve added explanations that hopefully help the non-sailors to know what they are looking at and also, for the sailors, to specify how the data has been sourced or calculated including an indication of the accuracy of the data.

The pop-ups appear when a mouse is hovered over the data or graphs on a PC. I don’t think they will work on a phone or touch-screen tablet etc as these devices don’t have “mouse hover”.  So, I’ve also included the pop-up text in some extra pages at the end of the report for mobile users.

They are a bit jerky and don’t fit very well on the small blog version of my app, but they work fine with the direct Power BI link to the app or if you just select full-screen view for the page that you are viewing (bottom-right double-ended arrow symbol).

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